An An-2 plane made a forced landing in the Nenets tundra KXan 36 Daily News

Date: January 10, 2023 Time: 02:27:33

It all happened ten kilometers from the village of Karatayka, one of the most inaccessible settlements in the district. The evacuation of people in the tundra was complicated by the weather – thick fog and polar night. Visibility was 200 meters. Therefore, the survivors of the accident waited for help in the tundra for more than three hours – rescuers were able to reach them on snowmobiles only at about six o’clock in the evening. On the same snowmobiles, people were evacuated to the village of Karatayka. The local outpatient clinic immediately began providing assistance to the victims. Five of them are in critical condition.

Given the fact of the An-2 accident, a criminal case was opened for violation of road safety regulations and air transport operation. According to one version, the cause of the accident is the icing of the aircraft.

In the meantime

A hatch in the cargo hold of an IrAero aircraft depressurized during flight. The incident with the aircraft occurred yesterday, January 9, at an altitude of about 2,900 meters. The An-26 crew decided to return to the airport of departure. After 12 minutes, the plane landed safely in Magan. Fortunately, 25 people on board, including the crew, were not injured. Only a few passengers complained that the hats on their heads flew into the white void. The traffic police are investigating.

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