Alexey Safonov: For Tyukavin, the rhombus is not just an emblem on a T-shirt, Dynamo is his home

Date: March 18, 2023 Time: 23:11:49

We discussed Tyukavina with her agent Alexei Safonov.

– Objectively, Ural played better, but the score is on the scoreboard, – says Alexey Safonov.

– Your pupil came out with the captain’s armband, because full-time captain Daniil Fomin missed the game due to disqualification.

– In Dynamo, the main captain is Fomin, his deputies are Smolov and Tyukavin. Kostya has already been entrusted with the bracelet, and he proves this with a game: he comes out, scores, like today in Yekaterinburg. At this age, he is the team leader.

At the moment, Kostya is the best striker among the Russians in terms of fitness and efficiency.

Kostya has leadership qualities, as well as loyalty to the club: for him, the Dynamo rhombus is not just an emblem on a T-shirt. Dynamo is his house.

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