A sneak peek for the Fisher thriller about a Soviet serial killer has been released.

Date: January 9, 2023 Time: 19:55:11

More.tv showed the first preview of the original project: the thriller Fisher. The picture tells how two Soviet investigators and a young mother start looking for a serial killer.

The video lasts less than a minute. The hero of the teaser drives a red car through the forest. A man is trying to get out of his trunk, but this is not too surprising for the mysterious driver. Apparently, this is the maniac.

“Fischer” is a dark thriller that references genre classics like “True Detective.” Also sources of inspiration for the creators of the series were the works of David Fincher (“Seven”, “Mindhunter”) and the American version of “Murder”.

The series takes place in 1986. Teenagers are being killed one by one in the area of ​​u200bu200bgovernment dachas on the Rublevsky highway. The clever investigator Valery Kozyrev, his impudent partner Yevgeny Bokov and the young mother Natalya Dobrovolskaya take up the case. The only witness to him is the schoolboy Igor, whose parents are not very happy with his communication with the police.

The main characters were played by Alexander Yatsenko, Ivan Yankovsky and Sasha Bortich. Also starring Sergei Gilev, Anna Snatkina, Roman Evdokimov, Olga Ozollapinya, Alexei Grishin, Stanislav Solomatin, Diana Milyutina and others. The premiere is scheduled for February 2023.

Earlier, more.tv showed a trailer for the black comedy Aurora starring Lena Tronina. The series premiered on October 26. We talk about it in more detail here.

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