March 21, 2023

Former wife of Andrei Arshavin Alisa Kazmina. Photo: video frame.

A year ago, the ex-wife of footballer Andrei Arshavin, Alisa Kazmina, disappeared from social networks and has not been in contact since. The last thing that is known about her is that the woman threw a tantrum on social networks, accusing her own mother of infecting her with syphilis through injections. Like, because of this, Alice lost her nose (although all experts unanimously say that this happened due to the excessive addiction of the athlete’s ex-wife to plastic surgery). Alice was about to undergo another operation to repair her damaged nose. But she suddenly disappeared from public view.

Subscribers suggested that Alice had a nervous breakdown and went to the clinic to solve her mental problems. During the treatment, Kazmina’s children, daughter Yesenia, born in a marriage with Arshavin, as well as son Alexei and daughter Alice from her first marriage, were under the supervision of her grandmother. Alisa’s mother, Natalya Sarycheva, from time to time shares photos of her grandchildren on social networks.

Alice has apparently gotten better and is now able to babysit again. The other day, the daughter of Arshavin Yesenia turned 6 years old. On the girl’s birthday, her relatives organized a beautiful celebration with balloons and gifts. Grandma posted on her page a photo of a young birthday girl: Alice poses for the camera in an elegant dress with a beautiful hairstyle. Natalya’s acquaintances noted in the comments that Yesenia is very similar to her famous father and asked who the girl lives with now.

“Yes, she is very similar to her father. She lives with Alice, ”the grandmother replied.

Recently, Arshavin’s daughter Yesenia turned six years old. Photo: social networks.

Andrei Arshavin himself, it seems, once again ignored his daughter’s birthday. After breaking up with Kazmina, the athlete stopped communicating with his son. Alice complained on social networks that the footballer not only does not visit Yesenia, but does not even call her.

However, Arshavin did not communicate for a long time with his children from Yulia Baranovskaya. After divorcing his first wife in 2013, the athlete forgot about Artem, Arseny and Yana for a long time. Only a couple of years ago, Andrei established relations with the heirs and began to meet with them from time to time.

After Alice’s strong statements that her own mother was poisoning her, Natalya Sarycheva managed to forgive her daughter. Six months ago, Yesenia’s grandmother told reporters that she had fallen too hard on her daughter; they say that’s why the psyche couldn’t take it.

– There was a period, then he lost his mind, a difficult period. First, a divorce, then a house, 2 million, more appearance … All this has passed, – said the mother of Arshavin’s ex-wife.

In addition to Yesenia, Arshavin raised Alice’s two children from her first marriage. Photo: social networks.

Recall that in the summer of last year, the mother of the football player Tatyana Arshavina, through the court, demanded from her former daughter-in-law almost 2 million rubles for illegal residence in her house, as well as compensation for the costs of services public. Alice moved into the mansion with her children after her wedding to Arshavin. And when the soccer player divorced her, she refused to vacate the house.

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